Sunday, February 11, 2007

Page 123 of "five point someone"

I am completely na├»ve to this bloggers tag and was only familiar with this tag until I was tagged by gaizabonts. If I start writing on this I could only do one thing and that is cheating for I have not read a book for a long time. The only book which I borrowed from my cousin in an attempt to read was the “five point someone” which is lying unattended in my cupboard. I had read only the first chapter and now page no: 123.

Here are the fifth, sixth, seventh, eight and ninth sentences from page number 123 of "five point someone" book.

Actually, the life Alok's mother led at home intrigued me. Somehow, her clutching her sari to wipe her tears had been the only image I had been stuck with for the past year but now I realized she had a life too. The challenges she faced were not quite lube research proposals, but pricey tomatoes nonetheless.

"And you know the sofa springs are coming out..." she was saying when Alok interrupted her.

"Mom, Can you please keep quiet.

My ten words...
We forget to understand the feelings of our loved ones.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Published in Mumbai...

Previously uploaded here, today is published on page 10 of Mumbai Mirror.

Just felt happy...