Sunday, April 08, 2007


If ever we think of the rules and regulations in the society there is lot more to it than just few bulleted points. We have the democracy of freedom but this is governed by the rules and it has to be or else it would go out of control.

When these rules are not accepted by the society then it is considered as restrictions by some. Restrictions are nothing but things which we are not allowed doing. These rules are formed by the society or the organization. Now let’s forget about rules and think for a while in terms of people view who considers it as a restriction to something. A restriction to something is depriving some body of his freedom of expressions or in short, his democracy. It could be sometimes daunting. This leads to searching for new techniques and ways to overcome the restriction.

Now this will lead to conflicting situations in ones life. He tries to find ways to overcome the restriction by a way to make way to his activity. This leads to new discoveries and new things are invented.

When this happens the society actually grows technically and logically. But this sometimes exceeds the harm which the society has to bare due to some people for their own benefit. This will automatically pave way to stricter solutions to tackle such a kind of situations. Now both the party has challenges in front of them. One who is trying to overcome the restriction and the other who is trying to restrict. This gradually leads to stricter solutions to such malpractices.

What if there are no restrictions? Will the society or the organization stop growing to the extent it is growing now? Considering the fact that no rules will affect the society in other way...