Monday, December 08, 2014

Spitting is injurious to health

"Earth is considered to be round but people still find corners to spit" - This was one of my Facebook status but it faded away as any other status message. It has become quite essential for us to be reminded of our responsibilities as a citizen.

There are different warnings at places (malls, theaters) like smoking is prohibited or outside eatables are not allowed. Such notices are well followed in malls. Security checks are done at entry and percentage of people adhering to mall rules are increasing. But warnings like 'Do Not Spit' are rarely taken into account at public places. Since alarm clocks which are in our hand are mostly snoozed. 

Dr John Moore-Gillon, a TB expert from the London Chest Hospital, said: "Spitting, like smoking, is essentially a social habit which can affect the health of others. People spit for many reasons, not just because they need to, but because it makes a statement."

In India spitting is just an accepted way of clearing the throat and getting rid of excess saliva. Chewing tobacco and spitting spreads diseases like cancer, respiratory diseases, and heart diseases. Other germs, like common cold and influenza, diseases are spread by saliva.

Although spitting in public places attracts fine of Rs 300, there is very minimal impact on people.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a national level campaign by the Government of India initiated by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was announced by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on Indian Independence Day & launched on 2 Oct 2014, Gandhi Jayanti.

Best thing about clean India is less of diseases. More of tourist visit, rise in economy and reduction in inflation. It is a chain reaction which most of us might not be aware of.

We did our bit by spreading the message in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon for three consecutive years. Some pictures to share

I along with my friend had initiated a small campaign to spread awareness about cleanliness during marathon. It might have a very small impact but spreading our message was our objective and we were happy to get good response from the people.

Various organization have come up with various campaign to promote clean India. This also includes celebrities who are doing their bit by requesting their fans to follow the same.

RB and NDTV have partnered to launch “Dettol – Banega Swachh India” – a 5 year ambitious program to address the rising need of hygiene and sanitation in India. Mr Amitabh Bachchan would be the brand Ambassador who has a connect with each Indian. Banega Swachh India is a commitment towards making India healthier & cleaner by 2019. And here is the website with all the details This is really a good initiative at a very large scale. Their presence is also in Facebook and Twitter.

Lets make this a success by contributing our bit by keeping our city clean and maintaining good hygiene.

Can we start building a nation with responsible citizen?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Montu Bola - Clean India

A child throws a paper in house and his mother shouts at him. But when adults throw paper outside the house there is no one to shout. It is  up to us to understand that keeping clean house is one task and helping country to be clean another task which is ignored on daily basis. 

The area we live in is subjected to multiple people throwing garbage on the roads or tracks. Till we do not say anything, it is going to continue on daily basis and a day will come when saying does not help. Hence let’s follow example of Montu. Keep calm and speak up, on keeping our country clean or any social issues.

Action speaks louder than words. India is a country with lots of mixed culture, beliefs and religion. This at times is a boon as well as a challenge to maintain our integrity to represent India against other countries. Unity in playing games, unity in culture, unity in states, unity in district, unity in cities, unity in areas and finally unity in keeping clean country is required. Hence before we speak, acting on what we speak is a must.

While it is now easier to find a dustbin, the best we can do is put waste into it whenever possible. Speak up in a calm manner to others who do not use it. 

While tourism is at peak in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Europe what is it that makes us pay so much to visit such countries. What is it that people love being there. Is it a break from stressful life or the dirty place? We get to hear about clean cities outside India but hardly hear it in India.  

Growing up is not only about making one better but also understand responsibilities. 

Strepsils have come up with a initiative #AbMontuBolega to drive India towards Swachh Bharat or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean Indian Mission). 

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a national level campaign by the Government of India initiated by our prime minister Narendra Modi.It was announced by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on Indian Independence Day & launched on 2 Oct 2014, Gandhi Jayanti.

#AbMontuBolega campaign by Strepsil is well presented on their website Montu suggests us to be calm and speak up against wrong. Whether it’s cleaning India in a better way or helping people out. It’s about taking our responsibilities towards our own country in our own hands.  

Stepsils presence is also in Facebook ( and Twitter ( for us to follow. 

Now it’s our duty to be with the country and complete the mission. Let’s make India a better place to live in.

Montu bola India clean mangtha (Montu says India should be clean). Are you with Montu?

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Home Sweet Home - A child affair

Thud! Something broke… Something breaks and we know it’s the naughty kids. Then the child is scolded by his/her parents or elder ones for being naughty. One of the most important thing that parents should learn is to understand their child. This requires a lot of patience and tolerance. Every child has a unique personality but being naughty or mischievous is that behavior which we cannot avoid.

But a home would not be called as a sweet home without the kid's Masti (mischief). Parents get angry on the child for being mischievous, but they are equally worried about his/her health. A day without Masti from a child is just an indication that he/she is sick. No parents would ever want to have this day without the kid's mischief. They are the ones who put life to any home. All the tiredness after office work goes off with a hug by your children.

In today's world, parents are working and do not get enough time for their kids. They are worried about their health. They start worrying about their kids falling sick due to pollution, playground and eating activities. Activities by their children cannot be tracked on time to time basis.

There is very little scope for parents to stop their children from entering the germs area. We cannot stop the child or the polluted environment but making them strong against these germs is like applying the principal of life ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

New generation kids prefer burgers, pizzas and cold drinks. And when it comes to sickness least priorities are given to ginger and amla which are age old techniques to fight cold and cough. Instead medicines and syrups are consumed which gives benefit for only short period but deteriorates health for lifetime.

Age old proven techniques have taken the backseat in our life, when kids have started gulping artificially added vitamins/proteins. While so many of artificial food and medicines are on the prowl, the need has arisen to fight and get internally strong. People have started taking care of their health by killing germs externally. It has become important to make kids internally strong with natural products.

A child needs to be immune to the external world by strengthening his/her inner body i.e. immune systems, thereby keeping the day to day infections like cough, cold and other health problems away. An Apple cannot always keep the Doctor away, but a new advanced proven formulation by a well known brand can.

What can be better than accepting health as the priority for the children...?

And getting immune to all these germs lies in the link

A brand that is developed after research is what people trust. In this fast changing life, maintaining HOME SWEET HOME is what an Ayurveda formulation helps us to achieve.

Chyawanprash a day keeps doctor away and helps to achieve HOME SWEET HOME.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Rocked at BigRock Indiblogger event (#WordUp)

After two weeks of hectic office schedule (on weekdays and weekends) finally festive holiday has come and still the BigRock event at BlueFrog is fresh in my mind.

It was a refreshing energetic event with all the great minds turning up on stage to share their part of knowledge to the blogger community. Off-course this was followed by surprises, breakfast, lunch, tea and loads of prizes to keep the enthusiasm alive through out the day.

First thing, the place is awesome with well placed chairs with a stage and projectors all around for the people to chill. It started  with selfie while we were waiting to get inside for the lucky draw and then finally tweet our part. All speakers were well knowledgeable and shared a good part of their experience. This helped me to gain some confidence and a way to move ahead in the blogging world.

I liked the Amit Agrawal session on tips and tricks for blogging. There were discussions and some differences among the audience. Although others were equally good but my interest area was covered by him. Hence little bias on that side J

The fantastic host  kept us alive through out the event. The volunteers were very helpful. BigRock gave us an opportunity to start our own DOTME  domain. And now its time to move ahead with .Me blogging. 

To sum it up, it was a not only a AWESOME experience but a well managed event that made it ROCK.

Cheers to the team of BIGROCK & INDIBLOGGER ….

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Univercell - IndiBlogger Event

Work & Play area
Univercell - I had heard the name but never really took the efforts to know anything else about it. But IndiBlogger gave me the chance. It organizes meet up events for its bloggers along with brands. This time it was Univercell.

The event was organized in 3 cities, Mumbai being one of them. It was in the Univercell showroom in Colaba. As soon as we stepped in we were greeted by one of the sales representative at the store. She took us through all the sections of store. And Yes! The store is divided into sections based on human interests - music, photography, kids digital play area and new launches.

The Headphone

As we entered and discovered the sections…

Checklist for the buyers
At the entrance were the phones which have just entered the smartphone market. One of them was HTC One M8 which I extremely got impressed from. For the music lovers, the store has grouped the Headphones, Earphones, Speakers, Bluetooth devices etc at one place. It had Philips sound shooter speaker which was hardly 4 inches in height but threw sound as loud as a big speaker. 

For photography lovers, the smart phones with excellent camera features are showcased in one area. One device that pulled my attention was a Windows phone Nokia Lumia 1520. It’s a 6 inches phone with 20 MP Pureview camera. When I held it, it felt like a giant in my hands! 

Play it. Own it. Live it.

For the Camera Lovers

There was a section for the kids where the little ones can be seated and move their fingers on the tablets placed there. Univercell has quite considered the dilemma of parents who come with their digital lover kids. It has designed this area to keep the kids busy with the tablet while the adults move around the store to select the device of their choice.

A unique service by Univercell

An inaugural offer that Univercell provides is quite tempting for a mobile buyer. A one year warranty is given by the store for any physical damage or damage due to water entering into the mobile phone which is not covered in regular company warranty. Customer can take advantage of this offer from a branded store which is actually more focused on customer experience rather than just selling.

Univercell Extras

Accessories to be picked


The Philips Sound Shooter - It really shoots sound!

Frames to click & The Ramp Walk

An Amazing Experience
Smileys :)
The well organised store and the helpful representatives gave us a home like experience. We spent around 1.5 hours time at the store looking at the devices, knowing more about Univercell and its offers and clicking pictures. What we got to know by visiting the store is that Univercell is not about selling, its about your experience. The store manager told us how they make this practically possible. We were clicking pictures of all the areas in the showroom. There is a special fun area for people who love to pose for photographs. It had frames of three sizes which one can hold in front of their face and flash a smile or a frown. All of us rushed towards this area as soon as the store tour was done.

I had never visited a mobile phone store and spent time to explore it. The sales representatives usually do not give us an extra space & time to explore the store and make the right decision. Univercell believes in giving the right guidance and help customers have a good experience. Hats off to Univercell and Indiblogger as it helped me know about the brand.

A store that helps us in selecting a product that suits us along with its unique service that nobody else gives is what Univercell about.

Always stay in touch

Saturday, March 08, 2014

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