Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Dark Side...

There are always two sides to everything as of a coin.

The dark side is what everyone is afraid off and wants to hide. There is always head to a tail.Sometimes one side overpowers the other side. If the evil side i.e. the dark side grows it leads to destruction of others and oneself. Most of the time one is unaware of the dark side and continues to stay with it.

The dark side is not just about negative deeds but also about the belief one is following. If people start believing on wrong things then darkness grows and in the darkness people start losing themselves. To see the darkness some explore the dark side deliberately and then struggle to come to the light.

Getting stuck in the dark side needs immediate attention which if not taken care of leads one to explore the dark side of life and it’s very difficult to come to the light.

It’s ones personal choice to stay with the dark or the light.