Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sugar - Sweet or Bitter ?

We were on our way to Shani Shignapur to take blessing from Shani God. Our Maruti halted at its destined location for refreshment. I was thrilled to see sugarcane juice extracted using animal power. Juice was extracted by making the cow move round the wooden rollers which crushed the sugarcane. We had a refreshing sugarcane juice.

The juice did refresh me but then I felt, how monotonous it was for the animal to move round the rollers for the whole day and then get a hit on the back for every increase in demand for juice from the people.

Sugar may be sweet and refreshing for us but bitter for them.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

How to quit smoking?

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”
                                     -- Vince Lombardi

This is not true always. It all depends on what is quit.

There are lots of reasons for smoking and very less for quitting smoking. If ever one needs the reason to quit smoking one can think of following:

  1. Just read the Statutory Warning “Smoking is Injurious to Health” on the cigarette packet and think why should I smoke?
  2. Watch the others smoke and start thinking why should I be a copycat?
  3. If ever there is craving for smoking, think of the smoke emitted by the vehicle.
  4. Never quit smoking for reason someone near and dear but for oneself, because when one is hurt he/she gets a reason to smoke.
  5. If there is post on how to quit smoking ignore it and stop such post by quitting smoking.

If nothing of the above works then let’s check Other Sides Now for smoking.

How to smoke quietly?
  1. Keep a match box or a lighter handy (not in the pocket).
  2. While going for a smoke take only friends who smoke.
  3. Smoke away from public places. This ensures minimum people staring at you.
  4. If at all any friends come to you while smoking just keep the cigarette aside and start abusing the person who left the cigarette there.
  5. If ever you think of smoking again read the above post "How to quit Smoking".

These are the some ways to QUIeTly smoke/ING…considering Both Sides Now.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Monday, January 01, 2007

31st December is the day when everyone plans for the night to welcome the New Year.

People remain awake the whole night. They join New Year party and then return back to their nest around mid night or probably in the morning to sleep and wake up in the afternoon. SMS, calls are all jammed pack for these occasions. Everywhere there are wishes for New Year through cell phones, landline and SMS. There are recorded wishes from the celebrities on various TV channels flashing in every five minutes. Everyone is in the party mood dancing all the way. There are traffic jams on the way back home at night. Some are drunk and stranded at places. Police are on the roll to witness and catch hold off any illegal activities going on during night.

A very different kind of mood is set only to welcome New Year.

A New Year has come as a new beginning for all. New Year brings along with it new expectations, new challenges, new hope and new goals.

And today January 01, 2007, the beginning of a New Year we get the zeal to start off with something new.

Happy and Prosperous New Year!