Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sugar - Sweet or Bitter ?

We were on our way to Shani Shignapur to take blessing from Shani God. Our Maruti halted at its destined location for refreshment. I was thrilled to see sugarcane juice extracted using animal power. Juice was extracted by making the cow move round the wooden rollers which crushed the sugarcane. We had a refreshing sugarcane juice.

The juice did refresh me but then I felt, how monotonous it was for the animal to move round the rollers for the whole day and then get a hit on the back for every increase in demand for juice from the people.

Sugar may be sweet and refreshing for us but bitter for them.


Neo said...

then you shud also think while eating as animals are used widely for harvesting. so happy starving ;)

Cedric said...

Hey man, though i got the point you were trying to convey, U have to accept that the fact that this happens in life.

Also i agree with Neo if i thought so much i would have to stop eating non-veg. :-)

Prashant Karkera said...

#Neo & Cedric: My only motive behind this post was to highlight their plight and not reciprocating to the situation:)

Yes, that is a fact of life and I was just trying to focus on one such part of life. May be, I should have been more clear on that;)