Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Patterned Keystrokes

It is believed keeping different password for all our logins in internet banking, social networking, mails and blog is safer. We need password to login into our own computer. This requires us to remember passwords for every login we make during the day.

Daily we reach office and login into the computer flawlessly. Again we login into our mailbox with a different password. But if someday we need to write our password on a piece of paper or save it in some other medium like mobile for our reference, we tend to forget the password.

What is it that makes us type flawlessly the password on a keyboard? Is it that we remember or it's the pattern of the keystroke that we remember while logging into the system or any net banking site. Remembering a password requires our brain activity while remembering our keystrokes is also a part of the brain activity.

There is always less effort required to repeat any activity at a given time. Like brushing our teeth is a natural process we are habituated after we get up from a long sleep. Hence we can brush our teeth even while we are half asleep on the sofa and we know how to stroke the brush and clean our teeth at times.

The same way we start typing password using positioning of the keys on the keyboards. Everything is registered in the brain. The day we are away for a while on a vacation for some days without having access to PC we struggle with the keyboard to get the password.

Now this is not the case with every one as everyone has his own style of remembering things. But the day I understood that there are people around me with similar characteristics, I couldn't stop myself writing this post.

So the next time you type password, think if you are actually remembering the password or just recollecting the pattern of keystrokes…