Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nivea Men Deodorizer product launch to #BanBodyOdour

It started with #SniffSniff and an event to remember.

Body odour repels us but we do not let know the person as it might embarrass, hurt or anger him / her.

An event was organized by BlogAdda in association with Nivea Men to launch a product for men which was kept under wrap for long.

I was eager to attend the event just out of curiosity and to meet the surprise celebrity. It was raining cats and dogs with traffic jam but nothing could stop me from reaching Four Seasons - Worli. I got a warm welcome from BlogAdda. Networked with few bloggers and the event started with fun activities. 

Animesh Gupta, a Psychologist and a trainer got us into fun activities and I couldn't resist taking pictures.

The activity later led to a discussion. There were questions and answers raised as to why body odour happens. It's a natural chemical reaction within body. Points like how to maintain hygiene and take care of diet to control body odour were discussed. Most of us just spray deodorants but very less are aware on how to use a deodorant. I was surprised to know that a good deodorant should be applied before we go to sleep and not after morning bath. He also taught us how to tell a person that he/she smells bad in a candid way.

Finally the much awaited superstar Arjun Rampal gave a surprise entry and spoke about his experience on bad body odour and how they had to bear with it in their profession. He answered few questions from the bloggers but the product was still a mystery.

We had a lunch break to network with other bloggers while the stage was being prepared for the press conference. The event started with a hilarious on screen video by Suresh Menon followed by a presentation on deodorant. And finally the product was launched by Arjun Rampal. A new TV commercial was also shown for the first time on screen. This was not like the regular deodorant commercial where in girls get attracted to boys just for the fragrance. This one was different and funny.

Nivea Men Deodorizer (not deodorant) claims to be skin friendly. It helps to remove body odour by not camouflaging but removing it. It has cool and light fragrance. It lasts for a day. This product sets it apart from other deodorants through its innovative formula.

The event in a nutshell was beautifully executed considering the time limit.

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea.

Monday, June 08, 2015

My nose knows to Sniff #SniffSniff

My Bollywood experience says that a dog is required all the time to sniff on bomb or criminals. And here comes the huge dog sniffing around and giving clues to the police in the movie. This probably makes a suspense thriller movie for us. While this experience ends here let's get back to real life experience where we need not sniff but bad smell repels us in any situation. And here starts my story.

It was a new day, new morning and commencement of new found job. All documents were ready, my attire was set and I was ready for the day.

In early years of my career I had the habit of watching Friends episodes on my laptop every morning. The excitement of the new job didn't let me hold back the urge to watch an episode today either. The episode was " The One with baby in the bus". More than baby's story, Phoebe's song enticed me. It goes..
Smelly cat, smelly cat
What are they feeding you...
Smelly cat, smelly cat
Its not your fault!

Little did I know that the song will stay in my brain for the rest of the day.

I was introduced with a buddy who would help me out get accustomed to new job. He had just reached office rushing through the traffic in a crowded train. Here my office buddy was very helpful and polite. Although he met me after settling down but there was some kind of body odour which was making me uncomfortable. He had explained me all the process and told to call him for any difficulties while he went back to his desk. He was very helpful but I never called him back for any concerns. It was a conscious decision where in I never felt like calling him back for help. Later on, I was really stuck up in a situation wherein I had to call him. I tried behaving as if I understood everything I heard from him while I was just trying to get rid of him.

Body smell is something that needs greater attention while we are outdoor with friends or in office. We take at most care of keeping ourselves clean, body odour is something that happens due to climate or body condition. While we sweat a lot in this summer, we try to look cool by wearing our sunglasses. But all that looks cool may not attract people or girlfriends ;)

And we move on to deodorants. Sometimes gas spray or no gas perfume. It's today that new products have come up which helps us live in style and get us rid of body odour.

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.