Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#BNLF hangover

Its been more than two weeks and the hangover still persists for #BNLF. It was a two day event with a difference that changed the way I think. I had written a blog when #BNLF was just an agenda at BNLF.com

The day invitations started floating around, all were awaiting the big day. A month before BNLF was something sort of waiting period for all of us. I can sense this through the tweets, comments and blogs.

Finally the day came in and I joined the team with lots of excitement. It wasn't for one speaker that made my day but all the speakers were fantastic in their own way.

BNLF started with a powerpack performance. It started with flash back of #wordup event.

Excitement started as we clapped while they rocked the staged. There is always a mystery man who is never introduced in the band and dresses up like a Ghost. I think with out him the band is incomplete. Hope to see him some day in future events with face revealed at the end.

Image source: IndiBlogger

And just as I hooked on to the twitter to tweet a few lines, #BNLF was already trending at 6th place.

Purba Ray captured the stage with her amazing style. She took on with her satirical presentation which was hilarious too. Presentation was very unique and different. I was glued to the stage all the time.

Arnab Ray took us through his journey to blogging and how he manages to blog. He spoke about his experience in college days while he used to watch Mithun da movies.

Christoph Trappe spoke about authentic stories and real life experiences to explain us how to manage time.

Anshul Tewari founder of Youth ki Awaaz focused more on audience and how to monetize our blog. He believes in doing the best and wait for the fruits of hard work.

Kanan Gills was very hilarious from start to end. Through his comic act or say presentation, he made us laugh and also went through his life experiences. He was just trying to say that never give up and continue to work towards your goal.

Jeff Bullas took us through tips and tricks for blogging. He taught us mantra to success in Blogging.

Preeti Shenoy, Indias highest selling women author experience was about hardship in her early years. She started with blogging, wrote articles. Later moved on to writing books. One of her books got 39 rejection from publisher but finally reached success.

Bruce Dickinson - the front man of Iron Maiden. There were roars while he made appearance on the stage. He says "Make Fans. Not Customers" His belief is 0 + 0 = 1 if you have brains, have plan and hopes.

With all these great speakers, we relished on great food at The Lalit. Had great fun with Cleartrip activities. Took selfies during breaks. Made new friends. It was an event that took away the stress in me. My take away would be motivation, knowledge, thinking from a different perspective, networking and great memory. The hangover is still on after two weeks.

Here are some pictures of the event by Indiblogger.

Kudos to the Indiblogger team that made the so called disruptive event really disruptive. Await more such series of #BNLF