Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Univercell - IndiBlogger Event

Work & Play area
Univercell - I had heard the name but never really took the efforts to know anything else about it. But IndiBlogger gave me the chance. It organizes meet up events for its bloggers along with brands. This time it was Univercell.

The event was organized in 3 cities, Mumbai being one of them. It was in the Univercell showroom in Colaba. As soon as we stepped in we were greeted by one of the sales representative at the store. She took us through all the sections of store. And Yes! The store is divided into sections based on human interests - music, photography, kids digital play area and new launches.

The Headphone

As we entered and discovered the sections…

Checklist for the buyers
At the entrance were the phones which have just entered the smartphone market. One of them was HTC One M8 which I extremely got impressed from. For the music lovers, the store has grouped the Headphones, Earphones, Speakers, Bluetooth devices etc at one place. It had Philips sound shooter speaker which was hardly 4 inches in height but threw sound as loud as a big speaker. 

For photography lovers, the smart phones with excellent camera features are showcased in one area. One device that pulled my attention was a Windows phone Nokia Lumia 1520. It’s a 6 inches phone with 20 MP Pureview camera. When I held it, it felt like a giant in my hands! 

Play it. Own it. Live it.

For the Camera Lovers

There was a section for the kids where the little ones can be seated and move their fingers on the tablets placed there. Univercell has quite considered the dilemma of parents who come with their digital lover kids. It has designed this area to keep the kids busy with the tablet while the adults move around the store to select the device of their choice.

A unique service by Univercell

An inaugural offer that Univercell provides is quite tempting for a mobile buyer. A one year warranty is given by the store for any physical damage or damage due to water entering into the mobile phone which is not covered in regular company warranty. Customer can take advantage of this offer from a branded store which is actually more focused on customer experience rather than just selling.

Univercell Extras

Accessories to be picked


The Philips Sound Shooter - It really shoots sound!

Frames to click & The Ramp Walk

An Amazing Experience
Smileys :)
The well organised store and the helpful representatives gave us a home like experience. We spent around 1.5 hours time at the store looking at the devices, knowing more about Univercell and its offers and clicking pictures. What we got to know by visiting the store is that Univercell is not about selling, its about your experience. The store manager told us how they make this practically possible. We were clicking pictures of all the areas in the showroom. There is a special fun area for people who love to pose for photographs. It had frames of three sizes which one can hold in front of their face and flash a smile or a frown. All of us rushed towards this area as soon as the store tour was done.

I had never visited a mobile phone store and spent time to explore it. The sales representatives usually do not give us an extra space & time to explore the store and make the right decision. Univercell believes in giving the right guidance and help customers have a good experience. Hats off to Univercell and Indiblogger as it helped me know about the brand.

A store that helps us in selecting a product that suits us along with its unique service that nobody else gives is what Univercell about.

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