Sunday, December 10, 2006

First Time...

We all decided to go for a picnic to Arnala beach. After a very long time I was actually going for a picnic and that too with my office colleagues, so was very excited. We were supposed to meet at Virar station and then take a rickshaw to Green Paradise resort. We were 13 friends and the rickshaw was an eight seater Dukki (type of rickshaw in Virar). We adjusted ourself in a Dukki to make it look small. The picnic had already started in the Dukki itself with a dozen plus people cracking jokes.

We reached the Green Paradise Resort which was really green with trees. This one was a water resort with swimming pool. All were very excited to get into the water. Some started hitting the ball against the bat as a warm up session. While some started measuring water depth and the amount of chlorine in swimming pool. "It’s not very deep, let’s go" shouted one. Every one was finding reason to get into the water except for me. I always watch people enjoying in water while I start guarding their mobiles, watches and spectacles. But this time it was different. I was not willing to waste my day. Before any one hands over his mobile and belongings to me, I handed over mine to one and slowly stepped into the water. The water started grabbing me slowly as I stepped into the swimming pool. My colleagues were ready to drench me with water. I was wet allover and found myself enjoying and playing with water. I started stroking my legs in an attempt to swim in water but could only manage splashing water on others. After the water game we went for a rain dance.

Everything was first time for me. I forgot that I could catch a cold in water or I am allergic to chlorine. One of my colleagues encouraged me to plunge into the water through the water slider and I was brave enough to accept the challenge and climbed up the slider to slide down into the water. I was holding my body tight, which led me straight into the water and hit the floor of the swimming pool. I tried coming out of the water like James Bond would have done in any of his movie but could not and came with my hands at the back. Water was dripping down from the nose and ears and my back was paining. But this pain dissolved in the water itself and I again joined the rain dance.

Sometimes kickoff is required to come out of the state of inertia.


Cedric said...

There is always a first time for evrything and it was good that u took the plunge in the swimming pool. I was a similar guy who used to get scared abt going in the swimming pool and catching cold and stuff. Howevr even i took the plung when i went to a resort called Island Resort in virar. I guess the felling of entering the pool and taking the slide is worth enjoying which we may have missed earlier.

Prashant Karkera said...

#Cedric: You are correct. We missed the enjoyment earlier.