Monday, March 19, 2007

emotionally controlled

Emotions are feelings that are generated by our mental state at a given point of time. It is a spontaneous reaction to situations which fills us with joy, sorrow or fear. It could be feeling of love or hatred. In short, it is what we are made of…

Sometimes emotions could be negative and sometimes positive. Many things in life are controlled by emotions. Tears in the eyes of our loved ones make our eyes moist and we start to control it either by overcoming the emotions or mixing some other feelings with the situation to make it sober for them.

Love is a feeling towards the person we care. If there is no control over love towards someone then sometimes it grows to such an extent that people cannot accept rejection in love and get negative emotions which leads to crime to others (murder) or one self (suicide). Such kind of emotion deviates one from the actual route.

There are other larger aspects of life where people play with emotions on a large scale. The people in film industry are actually displaying their talents and they indirectly play with the emotions of the people. The scripts and the situation in the movies directly reflect to our lives and we start relating and reacting with our own sense of emotions. The marketing people out there display their talents in advertising theme of the movies in such a way that people actually get into the theatres. Then it’s up to the director who plays with people emotions to make a movie work.

Even during getting votes from people it’s basically the people emotions associated with a party. In marketing world people interact with people to get the business moving. But this won’t work if it’s not from the heart and only done to get the work done.

Negative or excess emotions needs to be controlled which is basic fact of life. The whole world is emotionally controlled but if this is not a controlled one then it could lead to wrong deed.


CEDRIC said...

Hey Prahsnt, i liked this article. The flow was very good man. Yes different situations bring about different emotions in different people. Its generally preferred that emotions be controlled. Different people use various situations to gain emotional advantage, which is bad.

Prashant Karkera said...

#Cedric: I am glad that you liked it. Thanks.

Jolvin said...

Emotions is a game all of us play very well, there is a lot of money involved in it and lots of spectators. Well written as always..

Prashant Karkera said...

#Jolvin: Thanks:) and yes there is lot of money in it.