Saturday, November 10, 2007

Still Migrating for Migration

This time I was very more conscious than before considering the probabilities of events that could occur in the process of obtaining the signature of the principal on the migration form.

I planned to go to the college at 11.00 am after confirming the presence of the principal in the college. The clerk picked up the phone and he confirmed that the principal is available till 5.00 pm. I quickly packed my bag with all the necessary documents and once again started my journey to Dombivli.

I reached college by 2.00 pm after the lunch time. I directly went into the office to meet the principal but he was in a meeting. I was told to wait till he is thru with the meeting.

Before taking signature I had to take the stamp of the college having principals name on it. I requested for one from the office but they bluntly refused and directed me to the examination department. In the examination department the HOD again redirected me to the office saying that it was not their responsibility. On explaining the whole situation I was able to convince him. Finally he redirected me towards his assistant to get the stamp. I went to him but this guy again directed me to the HOD giving an excuse that he does not have sufficient rights to put the stamp. I felt as if I was a tennis ball in the tennis court. Finally I requested HOD to personally give him the permission to put the college stamp on the form.

The game was not yet ove. I had to wait for about an hour for the principal. During this one hour I had to keep track of the principal (as informed by the one of the staff member) since as soon as the meeting gets over he may leave for the day.

Finally the meeting was over and I met him in the gangway and requested for his signature on the form. He called me up in the cabin which was somewhere in the first level of the second building. I pointed out to him where his signature is required on the form. But he nodded with a disagreement and told me that the stamp should be authenticated with proper verification. Now I had to run back to the exam section for the signature of approval. But they declined with an explanation that how could they authenticate if the leaving certificate was provided by the office. I was again standing in front of the office for the signature of approval. I convinced them why signature should be authenticated from the office and they provided with one after checking out my original documents.

I ran back to the second building to the principal’s cabin to find his door locked. I could not imagine going back home without the work done. After the ‘tennis’ game I started playing ‘hide and seek’ which made me remember my school days. I asked some of the students and the professors about his where about but they could not help me out. Finally one of our electronic professors was able to help me out with his where about. And at 5.00p.m I got his signature on the form. I returned home with a content smile on my face.

The next Saturday I submitted the application form with all the attested documents to the university at the migration counter.

And they flatly rejected the application saying that they require principal’s signature on the photocopied leaving certificate too which was neither written on the notice board nor on the form. I tried convincing them by showing my original documents but in vain. The university made me remember the ‘snake and the ladder game’ which was played by me during my primary school education.

I don’t know which more games I will be made to recollect during the course of getting the certificate.

And am still migrating for migration…


Neo said...

i think u have still to get ur mba degree certificate from mumbai univ.
i had a painful time getting mine..

all the best.

Prashant Karkera said...

#Neo: That would not be from Mumbai University. I have changed my university, thats the reason I have to get this migration certificate.

Jolvin Rodrigues said...

You seem to be Mussadilal from the teleseries "office office" :))

Prashant Karkera said...

Ohh yeah :))

Cedric Dias said...

how's the feeling being tossed around? :-)

Prashant Karkera said...

#cedric: It's good to write but bad to experience.