Monday, August 24, 2015

What is BNLF?

What makes a day in a life of a working IT professional can only be answered by him / her. A IT professional only thinks of coding and then reporting to his/her boss, then comes his disappointing appraisal and later he / she tries to find a day out of his / her routine to find himself / herself lost. He finds a friend with whom he / she can share his / her worries, stress, and sometimes happiness . While he /she is stuck up in the day night project, he /she makes sure to get back his / her lost passion.

Is this the case with every IT professional or he / she has some life outside the scope of a project. He / She dreams to do something out of this boundaries to explore and de-stress himself / herself. He / She comes out in need to fulfill his / her dreams. Its like a chick trying to come out of the egg on weekends. And he / she starts to blog about his passion. IndiBloggers help chicks (like me) come out and do something for oneself  i.e blog and raise our voice. They create platforms to network, get all the bloggers community together. There are lots of knowledge sharing and networking. This actually motivates to do something different, explore new things and come out of the shell.

BNLF, the term creates curiosity in one's mind. What is it? It's a blogging conference. It stands for Blog Now, Live Forever. I have always been enthusiastic about blogging conferences. Indiblogger has come up with many conferences and I have attended one of the conferences in blueFROG Mumbai - Word up. It was brilliantly organised and managed. We bloggers not only got buckets of information on blogging, also enjoyed with some contests, lucky draws and cuisines. Quite similar, but bigger event is coming up with BNLF.

Some great personalities are expected at this event. Anshul Tewari, the founder of award winning YouthKiAwaaz, with the help of his blogging skills, gave the youth of our nation, a platform to express their views on subjects like politics, society, etc. Being blogger, I definitely got to learn a lot from him. Another speaker whom I am desperately await is Jeff Bullas. He would be the one who would give lots of insight into social media marketing and blogging. I couldn't resist posting his interview from

There are many more such global speakers who would give in-depth techniques and insights from their experiences and this would definitely motivate all bloggers to grow.

I tried to save a day from my work schedules to attend this event BNLF by Indiblogger.


Blogging India said...

Great blogpost Prashant, BNLF was truly amazing. eh?

I've just blogged about the BNLF experience and takeaways on my blog here

Do take a look and drop in your comments or add your take aways! :)

Prashant Karkera said...

Thanks, I have yet to blog about BNLF. You might have known about my busy schedule from this blog post :P. I will surely look into your blog :)