Saturday, September 12, 2015

The making of Shouut #CelebrateBlogging


Technically speaking the blogging cycle looks some what like this. But my cycle of blogging is different. 

It all started with my first job in LearningMate. I was excited about the new roles and responsibilities. I was trying to enter the corporate world. At that time I came across my seniors blog (Jolvin and Atul). Although they were my mentors in work area they were a source of inspiration. The encouragement I got from my seniors and colleague got me into blogging. And here I am with Shouut which took off in 2006 with first blog post "KickOff Blog".

I still remember how excited it was to write a blog and then get comments from other bloggers. My first Nokia phone with a camera got me into photography. Photography became my second passion and I used Flickr to post my pictures. I also jumped into creating and editing videos during my college days. One of my friend Ozzy instigated me to start it. Here is my YouTube Channel.

Later after blogging for years, I got busy with my work and was taken away from the blogging world. Twitter and facebook took away some of my precious time. I started giving common excuse like "NO TIME".

Then a sense of responsibility was added through a marriage. I got married and luckily my wife was also into blogging. She encouraged me to get registered to BlogAdda. This eventually led to attending events, networking and finally writing blogs.

I am happy about the fact that there are various people in my life who encourage and inspire me to do the right thing. Help me to do what I like the most and let me come out of the regular work area. I celebrate blogging with all of them.

And now its time to actually #CelebrateBlogging in WIN15.

Blogging is not always a technical aspect. It has emotions, drama, action and lights. And we celebrate it with #LOVE.

“I am writing for #WIN15 – BlogAdda’s Blog Awards on how to #CelebrateBlogging! You should too!”

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