Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Shopping is now a child's play #FlipkartKids

7 months back we were blessed with baby boy. It was a happy moment for us with so much of excitement. The day my baby was born, I was running to all the shops to get clothes and other stuff. I took five days of leave although we get only three days of paternity leaves. Still leaves were insufficient for me. There were lots of shopping to be done apart from taking care of baby in such a short time. I was not very well aware of eCommerce websites particularly for kids, although I used to shop online.

I started exploring some websites and found variety of products for my baby. Infant clothes, socks, toys, diapers etc everything that I needed was available online. Within an hour I could purchase almost everything I needed for my kid. Delivery is also efficient so I didn't need to follow-up with the customer care or delivery guy. This helped me a lot in saving time and spending more time with family. Most of the time working in an IT industry is hectic and parents do not get time. Nowadays eCommerce website has made our life easy and it helps us to be with family and shop at the comfort of our house.

As kids grow, we need to get toys for them, and its very difficult to find such toys in local shops.

Recently I got an opportunity to attend  #FlipkartKids IndiBlogger Meet to witness the launch of Flipkart Li't Stars - India's Biggest Online Kids' Store at the Blue Frog (Lower Parel).

The event directly started with lunch to energize us.

Later a man dressed up in Chhota Bheem costume made his guest appearance and danced for a while.

This was followed by Kalpana Behara who talked about how she started blogging and her experience as a blogger. She put forth some questions to parent blogger and there was some good debate happening.

Somebody rightly said in the audience that today's kids are very lucky that they can buy toys from the comfort of their house.

Later Flipkart panel had a debate with the bloggers regarding the new trends in the market and how FlipkartKids is catering to all the parent needs. There were questions and answers pouring from the bloggers and it was going good with meaningful conversation.

While all were expecting a rock band show as it happened before in an event at the Blue Frog. And surprisingly history repeated itself with an unplugged version.

There was an Ad Mad show competition after the rock band. We were told to make a team of ten and present an Ad. We as a team were blank at the start and finally one of our team member came up with a wacky idea of "Spider-man weds Barbie". We were clueless on what to be presented but it was fun while we performed without any rehearse.

The event ended with our closed fist moving up and down in air and shouting "Hu Haan" along with our host Anoop. That is how he wakes us and keeps the excitement high throughout the event.

Flipkart gifted us with a cuddly Chhota Bheem toy. And here comes a selfie with our toys.

Flipkart being a trusted brand would now jump into kids category and #FlipkartKids will help get brands to the parents with discounts. This really excites me as against getting the product from shop which is time consuming as well as costly.


Gauri K said...
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Gauri K said...

Nice account of the event. Noticed that you are a veteran blogger, blogging since 2006! Hope to meet you at another IndiMeet :) Do check out my post of the event:

Prashant Karkera said...

Glad you liked it. Surely we will meet at another event :)