Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Being Befikar

There are many things we wish to do if the constraints and worries are removed. These constraints are mostly created because of lack of time, limited money, intruding society and many more. We all want to be carefree and do whatever we want in life. Yes, we want the freedom. But the basic necessities like the Roti, Kapda, Makaan and some luxuries don’t give the freedom.

I found this amazing video which teaches how you can easily plan and not let your freedom and wishes be buried due to lack of time and money: http://bit.ly/BefikarUmarBhar

Here are few things which I have always wished for if given the freedom:

Get my photography skills polished by an expert
Photography has always been my hobby; lately however because of lack of time and equipment I haven't been able to practice it. A good DSLR camera and an expert to coach would anyways require me to invest time and money which if given a chance, I would love to.

Travel all around the world
First place I would love to go is Mauritius. Although I have already visited the beautiful country, but before I start my world journey, I would like revisit the same place I have visited earlier. Next priority would for the 7 wonders starting with our very own Taj Mahal. Then follows the beaches of the world and exploring the fishes swimming in the water.

Own a mansion
Being a resident of Mumbai city, small flats, crunched houses are all I have seen. Although owning a flat is difficult nowadays, it is not completely impossible. But owning a huge mansion and staying in it is like a dream for me. Numerous rooms, huge garden, enormous parking space with a dozen cars, well-equipped gymnasium, indoor sports ground, well my list will never end. But I would love to have it all :D

Freedom to eat without the fear of ill health
Too much sweet leads to diabetes, too much oily food leads to high cholesterol, too much salt leads to high blood pressure. We all know that sickness and food are directly proportional. But if given the freedom to eat anything and how much ever we want without the fear of facing those big health problems and fear of spending big money to solve the problems, I would love to do so.

Become an actor in Marathi movies
The strong storyline and characters in Marathi movies have always enticed me and urged me to join the film industry. But not just any film industry, it has to be the Marathi one. I want to create a strong base for myself in Marathi movies like some of the great actors have – Swapnil Joshi, Subodh Bhave, Priya Bapat and other great actors. But the life responsibilities never permitted me. Right since I have been pursuing my education, the only motive was to earn whereas stepping into movies needed lot of patience before I even start earning.

These were some of my wishes which I would like to pursue if the constraint of time, money and responsibilities are removed.

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