Monday, February 02, 2015

Quikr NXT - A new trend among buyer and seller

The name Quikr implies to do something quickly. Buying or selling old items has now become easier through online medium.

Quikr has helped me sell my old gadgets while I upgrade to new ones. After posting free ads on Quikr, the calls that come from buyers are really a pain to receive during office hours. More than the calls are the variety of people who start negotiating and getting the price down to ground.

I was trying to sell my mobile phone Samsung S2 in excellent condition. A guy called me up and started negotiating to get the price down from Rs 12,000 to Rs 5,000. Although he was good to talk, he wanted to purchase S2 at unrealistic price. Finally I came down to Rs 10,000 as the final price. He was nowhere near it but still was trying to make it to Rs 8,000. When price was not reduced, he wanted some freebies along with the mobile. I told him I am selling a used mobile, and it already has all accessories. Although this call was a long one, I finally sold it to some other decent buyer who checked the condition of the phone and paid Rs 10,000.

While I was selling my HTC mobile, a guy called me up and started explaining how HTC mobile do not have market value. He gave me some good knowledge on why I should reduce my price from Rs 10,000 to Rs 5,000.  While I was explaining him that it is not the regular Rs 15,000 phone but worth Rs 25,000, he tried to discourage me by explaining the resale value of HTC. Finally I sold it for Rs 9,000 to some other guy.

Another major problem is request coming from buyers to share WhatsApp number so that I can send pictures of the product even though its uploaded on Quikr. But even after sending pictures there seems to be no response.

My phone book is simply filled with names like HTC-Kurla, HTC-Malad,  S2-Kandivali after different buyers call from various locations. Many times real buyers are missed since I forget to save their numbers during office hours.

Now that Quikr has come up with chat called Quikr NXT, it has reduced a lot of fancy customers and has made life easier for me to sell my used gadgets.

Quikr NXT came as a savior to me with:
  • My number safeguarded against bargaining and irritating buyers
  • I can share pictures through Quikr NXT to real buyers without sharing my WhatsApp number
  • Keep track of all the buyers

Recently I got a ping from buyer regarding the price and I replied back at my convenient time. The ping came to me as an alert in email and later on I had a chat with the customer while I was travelling.

Quikr NXT seems to cater to all problems faced by sellers and buyers. It would soon become next WhatsApp for buyers and sellers.

So Quikr NXT – No fikar. Chat Quikr!

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