Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happiness - From Life

We often plan big and in this race of being an ace in the future, we forget the present. Our dreams, life opportunities, international travel plans, wishing to have luxurious life makes us miss the small daily happiness. Although a bright future is not something to be ignored, the happiness should neither be put on the backseat of this ride called Life.

Here's a story that I had heard long time back. A guy walking on the road sees another guy riding a bike and thinks that if he had a bike he didn't need to walk on the road. The man on the bike while watching a person in the car hopes that if he had a car he wouldn't need to ride the bike. Meanwhile the person walking on the road looks at a man on a wheelchair. He has no legs. Looking at him, all 3 men walking on road, riding bike and driving car realize how lucky they are to possess the basic luxury of having a safe and healthy life. Similarly, although we have the basic reasons for happiness, we often ignore them and keep mourning for more. Recently I saw an advertisement which showed how a bottle of Coca Cola brings happiness to life. 

Here are few happy moments in my life..

After the daily hectic life during the week we often wait for the weekend to arrive. The same applies to me. I try to make it the happiest days of the week. Happiness for me is watching movies with my wife. We both being movie fans, regularly hit the theatres for the latest movies. The experience gets even more happier if we get a discount on the tickets :D
Being a foodie I always crave for food. So I keep a track of newly launched restaurants in my nearby areas. And as soon as I know that there is a new one, I grab a friend or my husband and hop into it. My wife is not a foodie like me but she comes along whenever I need her. That brings me a lot of happiness. Also whether the restaurant is good or bad, the joy of having a new dish at a new place gives me the ultimate satisfaction. It gets an icing on the top if there's buffet as well. For all of us, buffets are always inviting. Well for me, its just more than that. The variety of food makes me crazy.  Welcome drink, starters, main course and the desserts every time gives me the best experience I need.

Spending time with my mom also gives me the ultimate happiness. As I stay away from my mother, I hardly get the chance to meet her. When you suddenly depart from a person you are used to spend a lot of time with, getting back to him/her gives you a lot of satisfaction. For me, its my mother. Staying at a distance, its difficult for us to meet regularly. So I reach out to her occasionally and spend some quality time with her.

These were some of my happiness moments. What are yours?

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