Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kellogg's Recipes

Recently I found an advertisement by Kellogg's which tells you how much you can make out of corn flakes. The dishes and shakes you can make are very delicious. I never knew that a basic nutritious food like corn flakes can be transformed into a delicious yet nutritious one. A good recipe is the one that is yummy and can retain the taste of its main ingredient. Recipes showcased on the website of Kellogg's are mouthwatering and tempting.

Here are those which tempted me to the core - Almond coconut shake, Almond strawberry cornflakes, Apple cinnamon cornflakes, banana praline cornflakes, black forest shake, basil curd dip, chikoo banana cornflakes, cherry vanilla milkshake, choco cornflakes peanut chikki, choco mint cornflakes, corn peanut dip, chocopeach cornflakes, cornflake dahi upma, cornflakes ki churi, cornflakes mushroom soup, fig and apricot shake, cranberry and almond cornflakes, crunchy fruit salad, corn flakes thandai, honey nutmeg and banana cornflakes, jelly shake, grapes and anjeer corn flakes, grilled cornflakes plocenta sticks, kaju kismis corn flakes. Alright there are many more. I don't intend to list all of them here.

Kellogg's has come up with really innovative recipes which even some one like me who can't cook can easily prepare without any hassle. The best part is that the food is nutritious. It can be eaten for the morning breakfast and can also fill your stomach when you get hungry at 4pm. Not just during the day, the recipes are so easy and quick to make that you can have them at 3 am in the morning.

The recipes I liked the most among all the dishes listed on Kellogg's website, Facebook page and YouTube videos are the Shakes. The milkshakes look so delicious that nobody can resist them. Milkshakes have always been my favourite. Most favourite of them is the banana milkshake. And the sweetest surprise by Kellogg's is that even banana milkshake can be made out of corn flakes. Now, what can be more nutritious than a banana milkshake with corn flakes.

I, being a health conscious person never finish a day with at least one dish with full of nutrition. Till now, I used to opt for fruits, salads, milk etc. Whenever I do not wish to eat fruits, I simply pick a boring fruit and make juice or milkshake out of it. This way I do not skip a day without nutritious food entering into my and family's health. Now I have another ingredient to make my day more nutritious, and that is cornflakes.

You can find the Facebook page of Kellogg's "anaaj ka nashta" here: https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta It provides quite lot of information about Kellogg's and its recipes. Also, find the YouTube page of Kellogg's here: https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia You'll find the delicious recipes in the form of YouTube videos. One of the videos is given below:

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