Sunday, March 15, 2015

Look up for a positive life

Resting on our beach chairs, we #together looked at the clear sky. No traces of the clouds, the sun was shining mildly. In our minds we wished that the clear sky, turquoise water, smooth waves and pleasant climate of Mauritius could accompany us for life. Well somewhere in our thoughts we knew we were asking for something not possible to achieve at this stage of life. But one thing I was sure that will stay in my life forever, is my wife. With her, thousand such getaways and vacations were on the cards. The peace and enthusiasm I felt could never be achieved by me on my own. My mind was fresh and ready for any upcoming challenges. But it was not always this way.

Before this trip to Mauritius, I was totally a different person. I had almost given up on my abilities to tackle difficult situations. The work pressure had totally changed the way I used to look at life. Most importantly all the work pressure was simply not worth even my attention. Working late nights, being seated on the chair in front of the computer screen for hours, no time for relaxation, being tensed most of the time kept me away from family, friends and from myself too.

Photography was something which helped me release myself from any kind of pressure. But in this situation, even my favorite hobby couldn't help. Earlier I would go on streets of Mumbai, gear up myself to click the best picture and take the impressions of the scene into my camera. Even when I am resting on my bed, I would simply pick up my camera and take best possible shots randomly. This gave me peace and let me stay contented with my favorite pass time. But this time the work pressure and extra responsibilities had taken away my sweet time of photography too. The time left for myself would be just enough to catch up on some sleep. My camera which always stayed on my table smiling at me was now kept in a closet inside a box not even in my sight.

After all the efforts and giving my 100% into my job, I found that the reward I deserved was not even close to what I actually got. The negative remarks made me lose all hopes. Even after the work pressure decreased, it was difficult for me to take it off my mind completely. I started expressing my frustration on my loved ones.

My wife noticed my frustration and the cause of it. She secretly planned a leisure trip. The trip had to be special and not the usual one where we explored new places. This one had to rejuvenate my enthusiasm towards life and bring some peace to my mind.

The trip lighted up the optimistic side of me and motivated me to not lose hope at any stage of my life. It gave me the strength to keep investing full efforts into whatever I do. This was possible #together with my wife. Few days back I came across which encourages you to be optimistic and look up to life positively. Do have a look at their website

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