Friday, March 20, 2015

I Accept Wash Bucket Challenge

After a long busy day at work I reached home. Hoping for some peace and mind diversion from the hectic day, I headed towards the bedroom. From the drawing room, passing through the kitchen where wifey was cooking my favorite food - Rajma Masala, I landed in our dark struck bedroom. Switched on the lights and got my mind blown with the view in front of me. Even the horror movies didn't scare me as much as that view did. Being a follower of cleanliness, the last thing I would expect at my home is a pile of clothes. But there they were lying lazily, some on the floor and some peeping out of the laundry bag. My patience meter was falling and anger meter was going high. I rushed to the kitchen with all the power I had. But as I was heading the Rajma Masala did it's trick. With a loving voice I asked my better half, "so many clothes for the weekend? Weren't they washed during the week?" For which she replied "I hardly had the time after office hours. And I always wash clothes during the weekends. Didn't you know?" My eyeballs moved silently from left to right and I replied in a low pitch "No".

No, I never knew when the clothes are washed, when the floor is cleaned, when the dust is blown because I was never into these household chores. But today I raised my hand, kept it in front of a glowing led bulb and took an oath - that henceforth I will help my wife with domestic work. Washing clothes - to start with. I didn't wish to jump onto difficult work like cooking, so that we don't stay hungry for days. I instantly looked at our washing machine and challenged it "now onwards I'm the master and you are the slave". It stood there silently. So I assume it agreed to me.

Next day, as usual I got up on a Saturday morning to grab the newspaper headlines aiming to change the condition of my nation. the washing machine was staring at me. So instead of grabbing the newspaper I grabbed the laundry bag and opened the lid of my top load washing machine. But what next!!

The only time I used it was 3 years back. I am always excited to use new gadgets, new clothes, new energy drink, new restaurant and everything that's brought home for the first time. The washing expert was also like my new born love. I had read the whole manual, asked a thousand doubts to the person who had come home to explain its working. But today I felt like I am using a new machine minus the manual as I was in no mood to search for it. So my wife was the only answer to all my queries. From her, I quickly understood the method to operate it and washed the bucket full of clothes.

Taking up this job was not difficult for me but I always ignored it out of laziness and dependency. Today I know how easy life gets if the jobs are shared. Washing clothes was earlier a tedious task because of lack of smart electronics. But today its become easier, takes less efforts and is less time consuming. So there is no reason to deny from taking up the #WashBucketChallenge Choose a washing machine with good features, a good detergent powder and you're done. Aerial Matic has been our savior since years. I am prone to clothes without stains and Aerial Matic just helps us with that,  Here's me, Aerial Matic and my washing machine :)

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