Thursday, March 05, 2015

I Look Up to - An Enthusiastic Life

There are many people and many things that we look up to. It brings positivity and optimism within us. Even in the most difficult times of our life, a ray of hope and positivity gives us the courage to face the situation. The problem which used to be like a burden on our mind, after being optimistic, it becomes as small as a matter which doesn't even bother us. Life gets so simple and worth living that we feel gratitude towards our source of optimism and we tend to return to it whenever we get stuck in frustrations or problematic situations.

One such ray of hope is as the name implies, it is a website you can look up to when you are in need of a house. We all know that buying a house has nowadays become just next to impossible with the rising prices. A common man with average income cannot afford to buy a house. is a platform for the most common to the richest man. Any size, any location, any price, you'll find it here. From the most crowded cities to the least populated ones, is someone you can look up to. For more information about it you can click on the following link:

My ray of hope which I look up to on daily basis is music. The soothing rhythm helps me forget all my worries and problems instantly as soon as I hit the play button of the music player. My mobile phone is loaded with collection of my favourite music. Most of them are from Bollywood movies and by my favourite singers. I hardly listen to the lyrics, all my attention stays on the music, rhythm and voice of the singer. It gives me the ultimate peace that I and my mind needs. Some of my favourite songs are from the movie Yaariyan - Is dardè dil ki sifaarish.., Bachna e haseeno - Khuda jaane... Apart from Hindi movie songs, Marathi songs as well fill up the joy within me; like from the movie Balak Palak - Harawali paakhare, Timepass- Mala ved lagali and many more.

It has happened many times that i get frustrated or irritated because of work load or clashes at home or just feel lonely. Also sometimes the routine day to day life gets so boring that we need a break from everything - May be a weekend trip or a weeklong vacation. But because of our commitments we often do not get the chance to go for such outings. Still I try my best to plan out at least a short trip so that I can forget all the pressure and give myself a soothing break. It could be a leisure holiday or a medium level trek or just exploring some new place.

So when I feel low or lose my enthusiastic mood, I look up to music and vacations. What do you look up to? Let me know in the comments below.

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