Sunday, March 01, 2015

Apne Dum Par...

Like bringing up a child is a big task for parents, it is also important to make children realize the importance of doing their work themselves.

When I was in school, my mother used to take me to school and take me back home like any other parent. Later on as I grew up, she allowed me to go on my own while I used to see friends' parent still coming to school. During my admission to first year of college, I used to see parents roaming around with their children to look at the notice board, get application forms, stand in queue and get details from other students. My parents gave me the freedom to take my own decision and select the college of my choice. Of course they used to check the reliability and grade of the college through other sources. But I was wondering why other parents were always with their children during admission to first year which was a simple process. Later on during my admission to Engineering college where there is a big queue to get to best of the college considering our percentage in the HSC examination, my parents came since they were very eager to get me admitted to the best of the college. After confirming on the college, my parents told me to take the necessary steps and complete the formalities while I could still see some parents coming to their college after taking a leave from their job.

While I was wondering on such a different behavior from my parents, I slowly realized that my friends are not independent. They fear traveling by train. Need rickshaws for traveling to long places. They cannot take decisions on their own. And finally develop fear at work place that requires leadership and teamwork.

This got me into thinking how my parents intentionally put me to work in developing myself without any aid or support. Unknowingly it helped me to make myself self dependent when I grew and take my own decisions.

And recently I saw an advertisement from HDFC Life #MyFamilyMyPride ad film which is quite a fact of life.

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao is a new initiative by HDFC Life which teaches us about how we should be using this principle of life to make our children independent. They are one of the leading life insurance company in India. It offers various range of insurance solutions that meets different customer needs. Several products and services are available and can be purchased based on  ones need. Their website gives more details on the same. 

This advertisement by HDFC Life is something that we need to teach and learn our self. It has different options and services which can help the customer to take protection for their family through investment plans based on ones need to lead life Apne Dum Par.

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